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Finance is one of the areas which need to be understood as an individual or part of the organization. This would enable him/her to take informed decisions about financial management, investments and sourcing of funds for the organization. In an effort to develop the skills required by the corporate, the finance club will conduct various activities and programmes.


Vision Statement:

The Goal of Finance Club is to promote a professional association within the realm of finance.


Mission Statement:

This is achieved by hosting guest lecturers with industry experts in the field of finance, providing networking and career building opportunities while instilling qualities of leadership, integrity, and professionalism in all its members.



To continuously strive for academic and professional excellence in the field of financial management.


  • To enhance the knowledge of students in the areas of business finance, primary and secondary market and Bullion market.
  • To create awareness about various avenues of funds for the business and its application. To make the students to understand about various financial institutions.
  • To expose the students to mobilization of funds through public, financial institutions and other investment avenues.


Club Structure:

The following structure will be assuming unique roles to accomplish various activities to attain the set goals.


Chief Coordinator  : Prof. Asha K C, Dr Subrahmanyam
Faculty Members   : Prof. Veena Shastry M, Prof. Naveenkuar M, Prof. S Pavithra
                                    Prof. Spoorthi A R

Student Members : All Students of MBA Department


Club Activities


  • Finance Quiz
  • Students should go to any of the stock broking agencies and collect the information about the trading practically and they have to do presentation
  • Group Discussions
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Institutional visit
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