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MBA - Curriculum

The curriculum is continuously reviewed and updated through industry feedback. It consists of the following modules:


Theoretical Module:

Semester I

  • 12MBA11- Managing Organization
  • 12MBA12- Managerial Economics
  • 12MBA13- Quantitative Methods-I
  • 12MBA14- Accounting For Management
  • 12MBA15- IT For Managers
  • 12MBA16- Managerial Communication

Semester II

  • 12MBA21- Business, Government & Society
  • 12MBA22- Quantitative Methods-II
  • 12MBA23- Macro Business Environment
  • 12MBA24- Financial Management
  • 12MBA25- Marketing Management
  • 12MBA26- Human Resource Management

Semester III

  • 12MBA31-Strategic Management
  • 12MBA32-Operations Management


Marketing Electives:

  • 12MBAMM311-Business Marketing
  • 12MBAMM312-Sales Retail Management
  • 12MBAMM313-Consumer Behavior
  • 12MBAMM314-Services Marketing


Finance Electives:

  • 12MBAFM321-Advanced Financial Management
  • 12MBAFM322-Investment Management
  • 12MBAFM323-Banking & Financial Services
  • 12MBAFM324-Cost Management


Human Resource Electives:

  • 12MBAHR341-Recruitment & Selection
  • 12MBAHR342-Compensation & Benefits
  • 12MBAHR343-Learning & Development
  • 12MBAHR344-Labour Law & Employee Relations


Semester IV:

  • 12MBA41-Supply Chain Management
  • 12MBA42-Total Quality Management
  • 12MBA47- Internship Project


Marketing Electives:

  • 12MBAMM415-Rural Marketing
  • 12MBAMM416-Strategic Brand Management
  • 12MBAMM417-Integrated Marketing communication
  • 12MBAMM418-International Marketing Management


Finance Electives:

  • 12MBAFM425- Project Appraisal, Planning & Control
  • 12MBAFM426- International Financial Management
  • 12MBAFM427- Risk Management
  • 12MBAFM428- Tax Management


Human Resource Electives:

  • 12MBAHR445- International Human Resource Management
  • 12MBAHR446- Personal Growth & Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • 12MBAHR447- Organizational Development & Change
  • 12MBAHR448- Strategic Talent Management


Practical Module: Project of 10 Weeks

The project is organization based. It may be multifunctional and multidisciplinary in nature. A problem is identified. The student is then expected to collect relevant data, conduct in-depth analyses and give a practical solution.

The Research scholar has to undergo a minimum of 4 course work in the relevant area of research. This is followed by a comprehensive examination. The scholar is expected to identify a research problem, analyze it and report the outcome of the work in the form of a thesis. Subsequently, it is defended in the vive voce examination.

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