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Simulation Games

Department of Management studies conducted simulation game to build and enhance our students capability to create and share insights in games, learning, and learning outcomes. Simulation game improves our understanding of the antecedents, processes, and outputs of games for learning and discovery.

The simulation game refers to any activity using challenge, play, and scores, between two individuals or teams of individuals that is conducted to produce understanding. It is more than instructional and course design, and includes facilitation, feedback, and assessments.

These games enhance the learning process that produces changes in the student’s perception, opinion, or conclusion. It does not always add to his or her knowledge, and is usually seen in his or her new attitudes or behavior.

Purpose of conducting simulation games are:

  • Students will be able to increase product variety, learning effectiveness
  • It focuses on better processes through elimination of wastes and costs, and enhancement of value. E.g., Lean Production program covers the reduction of wasteful efforts in manufacturing processes.
  • It helps to organize your workforce for better efficiency.
  • It helps in Strategic Leadership, learn how to lead aggressively and make change happen faster.
  • In Project Management, our managers learn how to plan and complete projects in time, avoiding cost and time overruns



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