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The Entrepreneurship Club – Prerana of Sambhram Institute of technology functions under the leadership of the MBA Department. The club has been organising a number of programmes to create entrepreneurial awareness and skills among the students of SaIT. In this context it is essential for future managers of MBA students look at entrepreneurship as a prospective career which will not only buy them in being more self-reliant, apply what they have studied in their syllabus curriculum to more effective usage.

The aim of the entrepreneurship club is to encourage students to start business and become successful in it. This would help the country in terms of creating jobs and contribute to the growth of the country’s economy. We have signed MOU with Wadwani Foundations for conducting various programs and encouraging the entrepreneurship spirit among students.


Vision Statement:

Developing a Smart Entrepreneur


Mission Statement:

Prerana will hold events all through the year to enable students to gain insights into the world of Starting Business. The activities ranging from seminar, conferences, Debates to Quiz, Games & Exercises are regularly organized to enhance the relevant and essential skills required to make successful entrepreneurs.



  • To continuously strive for becoming successful entrepreneur
  • To encouraged the future manager to engage in own business
  • To help students to understand the potential skill required to
  • become an entrepreneur
  • To educate students on government policies and support
  • encouraging entrepreneurship and small scale industry.
  • To encourage students to create jobs than go in search of jobs
  • To educate students on raising funds for business.


Club Structure:

To enable successful performance and organizing of diverse and club activities, the following positions will be assuming unique roles to accomplish various activities from time to time.


Chief Coordinator   : Prof. Veena Shastry M, Prof. Asha K C
Faculty Members    : Prof. S. Pavithra, Prof. Spoorthi A R Prof. Naveenkumar M
Student Members   : All Students of MBA Department


Club Activities

  • Preparation of project proposal for starting the business
  • Visiting Govt. agencies to understand the support and facilities provided for entrepreneurs
  • To prepare a report on various sources of business funding
  • Guest lecture from successful entrepreneurs
  • Training students to prepare business plan
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