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Industry Interaction 
As part of industry institution interaction, the college offers academic and professional value addition to a student's learning experience.

These include:
  • The application of classroom learning to a company-based study: observational, field-based, or as per requirements of the business organization
  • The development and enhancement of professional skills and personal traits
  • An increased self-awareness of career options and an identification of areas of professional specialization in industry
  • A structured experience of the complexities of the marketplace and an appreciation of professionalism and work-related responsibilities particularly for interns with no prior work experience in a related field
  • An early exposure to job roles and functional divisions within a business

Departmental Activities for the even sem (Feb 2017 to June 2017)
Sl. No. Name of the Event Month Date of the event Name of the Resource person Students Attended
1 Guest lecturer March 3rd   March 2017 Mr.  Parameshwaran  on “Entrepreneurship” II  & IV Sem
11th  March 2017 Mr. Prabakaran on GST
18th March 2017 Mr. B L Parthasarathy on “Financial Inclusion”
 April 1st April 2017 Nirmalya Sinhaon” Recent trends on  GST”
8th  April 2017 Mr. K R Girish on “Internation Tax”
2 Excel workshop March 8th  March 2017 Mr. Shivkumar, Positive Edge,Bangalore II Sem
9th March 2017
16th march 2017 IV Sem
17th march 2017
3 Simulation Games April 10th March 2017 Dr. Vinod Dumblekar, Mantis, Delhi II Sem
11th March 2017 IV Sem
4 Industrial Visit March 6th March 2017 KSIC,KSDL II  Sem
7th March 2017 Sugar Factory
April 13th April 2017 VST Tillers & Tractors II Sem
21st  April 2017 TVS PVT LTD IV Sem

Conducted Entrepreneurship Awareness Program in Collaboration with EDII


Report Submitted by: Prof. Veena Shastry M, Coordinator for Entrepreneurship Club, Department of Management studies.

Entrepreneurship education has been accepted in the world over as a potential area to inculcate entrepreneurial mindset, impart skills to successors of existing family-owned businesses, boost self-employment among youths, and thus promote economic development. 

India is emerging as an empowering platform for start-up’s. Our Management departments  in specific are preparing grounds for the budding management students to experiment their entrepreneurial skills.

Despite a largely encouraging atmosphere, the number of students focusing on nurturing entrepreneurs is very limited. To bridge this gap, SaIT in collaboration with EDII Ahmedabad is conducted 3 days Program as Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp for all the young talents who inspired to beentrepreneurs.


Day 1:
Session 1-Inauguration.Introduction to Program and welcome speech by HOD Dr.Subrahmanyam.
The  session was for  Engineering and Management students.

Session 2-Introduction to Entrepreneurship 
‘Entrepreneurship is the professional application of knowledge, skills and competencies and/or of monetizing a new idea, by an individual or a set of people by launching an enterprise de novo or diversifying from an existing one, thus students were trained on pursue growth while generating wealth, employment and social good’.

Session 3 - Entrepreneurial competencies
They were also created awareness about opportunities created by today’s global knowledge economy coupled with the ‘unshackling of indigenous enterprise’, have contributed to making India a ‘fertile ground’ for Entrepreneurship

Session 4 - JETT & SRQ 
Practical activities were conducted to make them to understand the concepts in Entrepreneurship.
Day 2:Industrial visit & Interaction with Industrial People.


The students got to know the uniqueness in the field of soaps and detergent. They perceived the technological influence which is adapted to manufacture in making the better soaps and useful for the customers. Largest manufacturer of sandal wood in the world and its major exporters in the wood of the world. Packing and designing concept was new learning process for the students.

Day 3: Two resource persons addressed the students regarding the entrepreneurship.

Session 1

Entrepreneurial motivation


Session 2
Mr. Abdul Raoof, CEO Athikas Foods Pvt ltd. Bangalore,
He shared his experience of becoming entrepreneur and shared the opinion about working under employer before becoming entrepreneur. The resource person shared the experience of organizing all factors of production, Land, Labor, capital machineries.

Session 3
Prof. Sunil Raj,
The resource person explained about:

  1. The defining act of entrepreneurshipneed to create an environment where people are encouraged to generate ideas, then, the challenge becomes how to “screen” ideas to find the best opportunities.Natural Resources
  2. Existing/ Expected Enterprises
  3. Market-Extension/ Modification of Present Work Content, Creative Effort

Session 4 - Valedictory function
Valedictory talk was given by HOD Dr. Subrahmanyam
Students shared their opinion about the camp and they were happy that college has given an opportunity and conducted  the Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp.



Students got the certificate from EDII



Co Coordinators of the program
Pavithra S
Asha K C
Naveen kumar M
Spoorthi A R

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