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Message from HOD

Mechanical Engineering programme provides a broad based education with a concentration of fundamentals and basic laws and major tools required for the professional practice. Mechanical Engineers are in the business of advancing the technological state of the art and are doing so at rapid pace and on global scale. The analytical and critical thinking and problem solving skills that result from an engineering education will serve throughout the life of Mechanical Engineer. However, to remain competent and competitive throughout one’s career, the Mechanical Engineer must continuously learn about, and use new developments in the field. The thought of continuous learning is intimidating at the outset. After cool and careful consideration, this does not seem to so aversive. All Mechanical Engineers learn new and apply new developments without their conscious awareness. They only realize this if they look at the time map their career. They acquire new knowledge, new techniques and tools and expertise in new areas.

Professional bodies play an important role in providing opportunities for professional growth. Participation in seminars, conferences and internships enhances their knowledge and creates awareness.

Final year students of current batch (2011-12) when told about that they have tremendous potential , they did not believe. At the end of the day they emerged highly successful in carrying-out their project work. They did go through rewarding experience of ideation, design, manufacture, assembly and realizing their idea into reality very closely approaching professionals. It is very satisfying to see your thing actually built and working

Dr. H B Niranjan

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