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Mahantesh S

QSpiders 13.04.2017
2 1ST13EC132 Uday Venkatesh QSpiders 13.04.2017
3 1ST13EC077 Mohan Kumar QSpiders 13.04.2017
4 1ST13EC112 Shwetha R QSpiders 13.04.2017
5 1ST13EC121 Sudesh M QSpiders 13.04.2017
6 1ST13EC031 Chiranjan Nayak QSpiders 13.04.2017
7 1ST13EC032 Darshini QSpiders 13.04.2017
8 1ST13EC727 Rajarajeshwari QSpiders 13.04.2017


Akshay QSpiders 13.04.2017
10 1ST13EC135  Vikas B S R Intelligence Technologies 31.03.2017
11 1ST13EC020

Ashika M S

Cranes software International Ltd 14.03.2017
12 1ST13EC086 Niveditha K Cranes software International Ltd 14.03.2017
13 1ST13EC085 Niharika Raghav Cranes software International Ltd 14.03.2017
14 1ST13EC077 Mohan Kumar S Cranes software International Ltd 14.03.2017
15 1ST13EC084 Nayab Z Sharief Cranes software International Ltd 14.03.2017
16 1ST13EC718 Megha N HP 22.03.2017
17 1ST13EC017 Archana N HP 22.03.2017
18 1ST13EC012 Amogh Saraf 24/7 01.03.2017
19 1ST13EC115 Sneha Jha Razorthink Technologies 26.11.2017
20 1ST13EC071 Manjeetha Raj Razorthink Technologies 26.11.2017
21 1ST13EC088 Pavithra V M/S CGI 03.11.2016
22 1ST13EC725 Praveen Kumar Chandil M/S CGI 03.11.2016
23 1ST13EC092 Rahul rajesh B M/S CGI 03.11.2016
24 1ST13EC133 Vidyasagar P C Alpha 9 Marine Services 18.10.2016
25 1ST13EC720 Monu kumar Alpha 9 Marine Services 18.10.2016
26 1ST13EC018 Arjun R P Alpha 9 Marine Services 18.10.2016
27 1ST13EC042 Divyanshu Singh Alpha 9 Marine Services 18.10.2016
28 1ST11EC029 Brisin B krishna Alpha 9 Marine Services 18.10.2016
29 1ST14EC400 Abhishek C R Alpha 9 Marine Services 18.10.2016
List of Dignitaries visited E&C Department


Name of Dignitaries



Prof.V.V.S.Sarma, Dept. of CSA

IISc, Bangalore
2 M.Girish Chandra, Embedded systems lab TCS, Bangalore
3 S.K. Shivakumar, Director ISTRAC, Bangalore
4 V.Ranganatha Rao, Divisional engineer BSNL, Bangalore
5 Dr.Anand.V.Joshi, Advisor Azim Premji Foundation, WIPRO
6 N.C.Shivaprakash, Dept. of Instrumentation IISc, Bangalore
7 Prof.Venkatesh. K. N, Project associate KSCST, Bangalore
8 Dr.T.Srinivas, Associate professor, Dept. of ECE IISc, Bangalore
9 Dr.K.J.Vinay, Dept. of ECE IISc, Bangalore
10 Prof. Datta Kumar WIPRO, Bangalore
11 Prof.P.B.Kotur, General Manager WIPRO Mission 10X, Bangalore
12 Dr.V.V.Srinivas, Associate professor IISc, Bangalore
13 M/s Babitha. S. J, Program manager, University relations Cadence design Systems, Bnagalore
14 Dr.S.K. Nandy, Professor IISc,Bangalore
15 Mr. M. Rajasekar Air Force Technical College,Bangalore
16 Dr.H.P. Khincha,Professor, ECE Dept. IISc,Bangalore
17 Mr. Yashodhara, Sr. Manager HAL, Bangalore
18 Dr. Sujatha WIPRO, Bangalore
19 Dr.S.S. Manvi, Professor & Head, ECE Dept Reva Institute of Tech &Mgnt,Bangalore
20 Prof. K.E. Prakash, Registrar VTU, Belagavi
21 Prof. C. Murali, Vice President IETE, New Delhi
22 Mr. D.G. Rao, Scientist ‘D’ LRDE, DRDO, Bangalore
23 Dr.B. Gopi, Prof. & Head, Dept. of ECE Sona College of Engg, Selam,TN
24 Mr.Prem Vadapalli, Senior Manager Texas Univeristy Program Texas Instruments, Bangalore
25 Mr. Gurpreet singh Edgate Technologies, Bangalore
26 Mr. Arjun devaiahTheethamada Yesteryears Sprint King of India & Acclaimed International Athlete
27 M/s. K. Kalyani LEOS-ISRO, Bangalore
28 Mr. Tarun Rawat Texas Instruments, Bangalore
29 Mr. V.Dillibabu, Scientist DRDO, Bangalore
30 Prof. Richard Newbery Demontfort University, UK
31 Dr. Anjanappa, Dean & Principal Sambhram medical college, KGF
32 Geetashinde, HOD BEL PU College, Bangalore
33 C.M.Machayya, Co-founder Interline Publishers
34 Dr.V.Poompavai, Scientist ISRO, Bangalore
35 Dr.Gowdarapanclu, Chief Advisor NFC, ATOM X
World Health Day
EWB-SaIT student members visited orphanage on account of world heath day on 7th April 2017. The team led by Imran, Chinmay hegde, Chaitra S B, Mandavi Dubey approached few health related topics like malnutrition, health and hygiene through presentations and knowledgeable videos to the children of the orphanage. The student team presented fruits, first-aid kits and stationary items to children. The student team interacted very well with the children and also sought the basic needs of their daily life on which the children are facing difficulty. They have set a mind to support the children.
One day project initiative
EWB-SaIT team visited tavrekere government school at kunigal to service the computers at school as one day project initiative on 25th February 2017. Three student members namely Charan J, Praveen Kumar C and Harsha Vardhana guided by EWB-SaIT Faculty advisor and EWB-B professional chapter visited the school and found problems with the main server. Further they were successful in the task.
Field visit by Principal of SaIT, EWB-SaIT Faculty advisor and EWB-B Professional chapter
Site visit to Kakolu village, Karnataka on 1stApril 2017 to review Green Toilet project. Designed by EWB-B, the project is jointly executed with EWB-SaIT. Mr.A Manjunath & Mr. V Dillibabu of EWB-B are guiding a team of civil engg students. Dr HG Chandrakant, Principal-SaIT, Dr Ravishankar, HOD ECE & faculty advisor, Dr.Annadurai HOD -Physics, Mr.Nanjunda Swamy, Prof. Trupti and Project members participated in site visit.
Industrial Visits
  1. Air Force Technical College, Jalahalli West, Bangalore
  2. ISRO, Old Airport Road, Bangalore
  3. ISTRAC, Peenya 2nd Stage, Bangalore
  4. NAL, Bangalore
  5. BEL-IC fabrication Unit, Bangalore
  6. Doordharshan Kendra, Bangalore
  7. Indian Oil -LPG Plant
KSCST Funded Projects


Project Title

Students Name

Guide Name



Automated Clustered, Assorted Trash Maintenance System

(Best Project Award of the Year 2015-2016- Pratira-2016)


S. Narendran,
Sandeep Kumar Patil,
Santhosh Kumar,



Prof. Pushpa Mala S

2 Tea Leaf Cutting Machine

Shambhavi Shankar,
Sumithra C Shenoy
Soumya S H

Prof. Anupama 2015-2016
3 Women Self Defense Watch

Shivkumar H K,
Varun B C,

Prof. Kalpavi.C Y 2015-2016
4 Multi-Tasking Defense Robot-Prototype

Ashika A.K,
Bhavya S N,
Chaithra C P,

G R Bharani
Prof. Vinutha C M 2015-2016


(Best Project Award of the Year 2015-2016- Pratira-2016)

Abhay s bharadwaj,
Dilipkumar V,
Harsha H,

Sushant ranjan
Prof. C. Rangaswamy 2014-2015
6 Profiling Aquatic Diffusion Process Using Robotic Sensor Networks


Vashistaadarshnagaraj, Yateeshkumar v.
Prof.C. Rangaswamy 2013-2014
7 Thermal Image Sensing Using Wireless Communication

Praveen P. Biradar,R. Srinivasan,

Sushanth p.
Prof.K. Ezhilarasan 2013-2014
8 RC Quadcopter for Remote Imaging

Deepika N,
Dhaarini s.

Pooja hegde
Prof.Yashodhara C L 2013-2014
EWB-SaIT student chapter Inauguration
The EWB student chapter was inaugurated in the state of Karnataka at SAMBHRAM INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY , Bangalore on 16th April’16 by Dr Shaukat Mirza, chairman, Ewb-India. Dr HG Chandrakanth , principal of SaIT presided over the event. Dr CV Ravishankar , HOD Electronics and communication welcomed the gathering. Also Mr.V.Dilli Babu, President EWB-B presented the felicitation address, Mr.C Bala Kumar, Professional member EWB-B addressed the gathering and Mr. Abhishek Ojha, EWB-B Secretary shared his views on leadership.
World Environment day
Students of EWB-SaIT Student Chapter planted 102 saplings at Lakshmi Devi Park on occasion of World Environment Day along with the group of INSPIRING INDIANS
Student Chapter meet at Sambhram institute of technology

students organized a chapter meet along with our faculty advisor Dr.CV.Ravishankar, HOD-ECE department,SaIT on july 14th 2016.

Innovative ideas were discussed along with their pros & cons, cost and time estimates. Short listed ideas were sent to EWB-B Innovative idea contest.

Medical Camp

Medical camp organised for school & college students at chitrakoota Educational Institutions by EWB-B chapter professional members on 16th july 2016.  EWB-B honored doctors with memento and Certificate of appreciation. Student volunteers were presented with Appreciation Certificates. EWB-B team of Mr.A.Manjunath, Mr.BK Nagesh, Mr.Raghunathbabu, Mr.L.Vinay, Mr.Ragheshbabu and Mr.Dillibabu had organised the event. It was supported by students of EWB-SaIT, SVIE and CEI. Dr.Prem, Dr.Megha, Dr.A.Maheshwari, Dr.Roopa, Dr.Manju, Dr.Srihari, Dr.Devaprashanth and Dr.Anand rendered their wonderful service. We students from EWB-SaIT chapter participated happily and learnt many things as volunteers in the event. We thank EWB-B for giving us the opportunity to attend the medical camp. And our faculty advisor Dr.CV.Ravi Shankar in encouraging us to be a part of the event.

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