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Message from HOD


The need for professionals with a background of Computer Science & Engineering is always on the rise. Those with problem solving skills are the ones in demand. Professionals with these skills are sure to land up with successful careers in the years to come. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering will thus cater to the above needs by providing with theoretical and practical knowledge and with a goal to equip the students face the vast world of technology.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering of the Sambhram Institute of Technology is to provide the opportunity for our students to develop a firm foundation in mathematics, science, and design methodology applied to the disciplines of Computer Science & Engineering.

We believe that student opportunities and experiences should lead to an appreciation of the holistic development of individual. And finally, an objective is to pass on to our students our passion for what we do, and to have the students comprehend that we also desire to continue to learn.

Dr. T John Peter
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